The roots of the Tydon story begins in a small traditional farming family in Ireland, where the founder Seamus Tynan spent many enjoyable days working hard on the farm or operating heavy machinery for Agricultural Contractors during the busy summer months.
Seamus's father Donal operated heavy equipment for a large Civil Engineering Contractor and provided every opportunity to visit and observe work on many construction sites throughout Ireland.
Basic principles, such as working hard, working safe, taking on tough jobs and making sure the customer was happy with the work were passed on from Father to Son. The name TYDON serves to acknowledge our humble beginnings and an enduring life passion for HEAVY CIVIL ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION.
Tydon Contracting Ltd was founded in late 2020, while the global construction industry was still navigating through the Covid 19 Pandemic.
In late 2021 having secured our first run of contracts we tooled up and hit the ground running in February 2022.
We have not looked back since. As of December 2023, we have successfully completed 14 projects all across Ontario.
The vision is simple.
  • Work Hard, Work Safe
  • Create and Mentor Top Class Engineering & Construction Crews
  • Invest in the Right Equipment and Maintain it
  • Be a Shepherd to our Environment.
  • Secure Challenging Projects and Complete them
  • Identify and Execute Investment Opportunities.
  • Give Back to our Community.